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Communication is my SUPER POWER

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Article published in Forbes

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By: Catalina Jiménez - Director & Founder, Sentidos Comunicaciones

Communication is a SUPER POWER, I hope more girls, young people and adult women learn to trust themselves and are touched by the magic of narrative.

17 years ago, when my Public Relations agency was born, I must admit that what I had less clear was a business plan, but I did know what my vision was, (although at that time I did not call it that way) I wanted to dedicate myself to doing what I like the most in life which is connecting people. I think that is one of the great advantages of starting at a relatively young age (I was 23 years old), when you still have an almost adolescent energy that is focused on enjoying, rather than planning and you are definitely not afraid of any kind of challenge. Some will say that it could have been the perfect formula for failure: No planning + Wanting to enjoy = "guaranteed failure." Two decades later, I can say that on the contrary, it happened just as it had to happen and that is that success was not in the plan, but in the vision. I do not want to say that this is the best way to undertake, however, it was my perfect way, since I did it without fear, without plans and full of a huge desire to have a good time. Trusting 100% in my ability and myself. In my house, my parents always gave me a tremendous narrative about how capable I was and how I could achieve anything ... luckily for the public, I didn't want to be a singer because they would also have thought I was terrific.

My mother always talked to me about being happy, I remember her telling me that I was wonderful and that I could do whatever I wanted if I liked it (even today she repeats it to me) ... I feel that I believed it and that I also took myself very seriously when traveling through the adult world doing what I have always wanted: Working to connect people, to generate narratives that create bridges, to give space to make visible stories that perhaps, without the proper help, would not be known and above all to enjoy what I make. My dad for his part has let me know that if I was wrong he supports me, so in my universe, why would I be afraid? or what would stop me from trying?

Now, I must admit that this lack of planning led me to many difficult business moments, debts, taxes, accounting, etc. Of course, in my history as an entrepreneur I have made many mistakes, but I have also achieved great successes and I think that the important thing about mistakes has been to be able to see them as a huge opportunity to create new scenarios, face my mistakes and move forward.

In life, in relationships and in companies an error does not define us, but the way in which we deal with it does. A couple of months ago on a trip with friends, the train literally left us to meet each other, the ones of us who stayed at the station, we looked at each other and what did we do? We bought airline tickets and arrived even earlier at our destination, which in the end, was the only thing that mattered to us at the time.

Plans are fantastic, they often give us security, a route, a map to travel through, but if they break, everything is fine. And sometimes, it also works not to have that scheme, or to have the certainty that, even if we do not plan it, there will always be a path A, but we must also be willing to go through plan B or C. As long as we have our clear vision and we trust ourselves.

I write this column while celebrating the international week of the entrepreneurial woman; that since 2014 the United Nations Council established on November 19 to commemorate the International Day of Entrepreneurial Women, a day whose objective is to make visible the importance of female empowerment to end gender inequality and thus recognize the effort and the value of women entrepreneurs.

I have had the fortune to work with great female leaders and in all of them I see many of the characteristics that management theories coincide in highlighting as those of a good leader: 1) have excellent communication, 2) make decisions (even if they are wrong) and, 3) always seek help when they feel they need support. And we want that every day we have more and more of this in our society and that the days to commemorate the entrepreneurial woman are not necessary, because then we will be talking about a society with authentic equity.

As a celebration of this date and as a proposal for 365 days a year, I would like to invite you to use communication to create bridges, to empower women. Let's build narratives from where we are and the position we hold, so that every day more women and girls feel supported to lead work teams, to be part of the boards of directors in organizations and to create companies. As women, let's support each other, let's become a reference for others, let's be a mirror for our daughters. I want to invite men and women to use communication as a powerful empowering tool at home, at work and among friends, where we feel safe, supported, inspired and complete.

I know that I did not have a plan, but I had the confidence and the vision, very surely given from what I have always been told. The words, the tone and the message matter. Communication is a SUPER POWER, I hope more girls, young people and adult women learn to trust themselves and be touched by the magic of the appropriate narrative in their environments.

* The author is the director of Sentidos Comunicaciones.

The opinions expressed are solely the responsibility of their authors and are completely independent of the position and editorial line of Forbes Central America.

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