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Communication with PURPOSE

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

By: Catalina Jiménez - Director & Founder, Sentidos Comunicaciones 

How we do our job, Does matter.

Like in all areas of PR, the how we do our daily tasks has defined the results, in the pandemic this way of executing has even more relevance and I am sure that after the pandemic there will be no other way of doing it.

Here I highlight 5 things that I consider important when doing public relations and delivering a message:

  1. To build: ask ourselves always what is the purpose of what we want to communicate; does my message build? matter?

  2. To be empathic: recognize the needs of the other, who are we talking to? what are their interests?

  3. from global to local: we have a regional or global message, how can we locate it?

  4. Respect: respect schedules, names, punctuality (this communicates more than words)

  5. Innovation: are we delivering value?

How do we do it at Sentidos Comunicaciones?
with love, passion and key spokespersons that help us build messages that matter.

We are fortunate to have tremendous spokespersons for leading companies in their industries who, in addition to being the best in their areas, always seek to humanize the message; This undoubtedly makes the days of the agency enriched and with adequate tools to fulfill our mission.

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