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I am amazed, therefore I am

By: Catalina Jiménez - Director & Founder, Sentidos Comunicaciones

Article published in Forbes

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Within companies, there is an emerging need to encourage teams during their change processes with timely communication.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is when a new technology is implemented, a policy is created or simply a company rule is changed; During this period, it is normal for users who are reluctant to change to emerge. The way to deal with this type of reaction is "to be side by side during the change" in all areas and especially from communications; accompanying during the transition, in the implementation, will be the cornerstone of a successful result. The other day I wanted my daughter to try a new bakery that opened in the neighborhood where we live and her answer was a resounding NO, since she wanted yes or yes, to go for the cupcakes of her well-known pastry shop and where she already knows what the flavor is what she likes. I was facing my own user who was reluctant to change. On the way, I explained to her the importance of being amazed and how many times, if not always, the new is the promise of great and pleasant surprises. In the end, we will have two favorite bakeries and we accept the possibility of change. Within companies, there is a need to promote teams in their change processes with timely, clear, transparent, and positive communication. But we also have the possibility of going through these moments with a dose of astonishment exposing the positives that a transition can have and the benefits of these new implementations, varying the tools and channels that we use, generating moments that break the routine and arouse the emotion of our interest groups. This led me to identify those key moments when, without much thought, we allow ourselves to be amazed. When we are traveling, in some way, we let go of the expectation of the result and enjoy the process, we enter unknown places, we hear languages ​​or at least different accents, we are delighted in discovering new flavors and we are normally open to change, to the new. And I allowed myself to wonder if we managed to make our users, our internal and external clients feel that same fascination for our messages if we gave ourselves the permission from communications to deliver valuable messages, innovating in the channel, in the tone, in the way in which we relate; in which we get closer, in which we generate new narratives and conversations. Perhaps we would have users willing to change permanently, and from openness and astonishment, we could build more flexible organizational cultures, with more fluid communications, and surely with a high sense of innovation. The openness to change and surprise prepares us for interaction with interest groups that, faced with an enormous avalanche of information, are much more selective in the narratives in which they are involved and want to be taken into account when making decisions about brands. Public relations accompanying our stakeholders and timely communication at every step of the path to transformation can help us make those organizational leaps that in a society so hyperconnected and exposed to information, need astonishments that lead to new certainties, for greater innovation, and will surely guarantee us to continue existing as companies.

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