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Let's make space and shine

By: Catalina Jiménez - Director & Founder, Sentidos Comunicaciones

Article published in Forbes

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It is key that women can access quality jobs, therefore guaranteeing economic security and self-sufficiency.

A few days ago the presidential elections of my country were held, one of the candidates who had a woman in his vice-presidential duo won; During the last few years, the outgoing president worked hand in hand with another woman in the same position and in the intersection of the two governments, the media and social networks have been full of photos of them.

Far from the beliefs and political inclinations, from what everyone thinks about each of these officials, as a woman my reading can not be other than that of emotion, pride, good wishes for their future efforts and gratitude for their struggles that in the end they are everyone's.

Minorities until they have the same opportunities in certain sectors we must accompany each other, for me just for the fact that we are opening space for others, these women already deserve our full support.

These days I am doing some studies on macroeconomics in London as part of my Master's in Communication and Public Relations and I have been positively surprised to see that women make up 56% of the participants, I like to think that they will all come out of here and in their careers they will have the same opportunities as 44% of our male classmates…however, I have to wonder, is this really the case?

The percentage of participation in the labor market of women according to different reports for the last quarter of 2021 was close to 49% regarding male placement; According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), the female participation rate in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2020 was 47%; 5 points below compared to 2019. But, we must ask ourselves, what kind of jobs do women have access to? Where is that participation cake of that 49% divided?

In these types of cases, it is key to think that the quantity is not the only thing that should count; It is essential that women be able to access quality jobs, thus ensuring economic security and self-sufficiency. So the photo of the outgoing and incoming deputy ministers and the percentage of my colleagues in London can only make me happy and fill me with hope.

This has made me reflect on the role that women have in relation to our gender, and for me we have some key things to work on:

1) Inspiration and reference, 2) Support and Sorority and last but not least, 3) Creation of opportunities.

From our homes, our jobs and in all the roles we play in society, being a reference for others and being inspired by the stories of our gender is essential.

Creating more positive conversations around the role of women, of what is being generated in different industries and making this visible is a great empowerment tool for all; In the case of the agency, we have more and more spokespersons and leaders in various industries every day, who inspire and excite us. For many years, my company was led only by female colleagues within my team, recently before the pandemic I realized the importance of not only creating opportunities for my gender, but also adding men to it. The truth is that the equation has been fabulous.

What would we want within society and what do we expect from men? What is their role in making this feminine force shine? The first thing is that here it is not simply about meeting a quota or a requirement; We men hope that they are part of the change, that it becomes customary to find the participation of women in equal percentages in management positions, on boards of directors, that the definition that we all have the same opportunities becomes a reality. Together we have the task of building spaces for dialogue, opportunities and a society with more equity and tolerance.

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