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Multiple corners of Journalism

Updated: Jun 7, 2022


Camilo Henao Medina - Editor, Sentidos Comunicaciones 

As a journalist, I have always believed that content is the most important thing and this principle has been with me throughout the 20 years that I have been working in the media. Now I practice my profession from a different corner, I work for Sentidos Comunicaciones, a public relations agency and although it should not surprise me, I do recognize that rigor, editorial quality, and respect for what is written are present in every article that is worked on and it makes itself known. Have a source, include voices that give meaning to the story, use figures and data to confirm the information, create a structure, answer the five questions that we were taught a few years ago in college, or think of the title that best works they are part of the tasks that I do every day. I recognize that I understand the needs and urgencies with which a communication medium lives, I know what the messages are that interest them and how stories should be told.

In its basic structure, writing an article requires complying with the same methodology and resolution possibilities, but now I also have other challenges and opportunities, which even seem challenging to me, I must change the tone, the rhythm and the way of writing several times, incorporate the voice and personality of different spokespersons, respect their way of communicating and even adopt the personality of the speaker. In the end, this is what this job consists of, we are the voice, the dress and the channel through which we amplify a message. Now, happily, I am a journalist in the purest form.

Gone are some stereotypes and preconceptions; I stopped being a boss and forgot that alleged "ego" that usually accompanies some journalists when they have certain years and some position with certain recognition. I don't miss it either, because once I was freed from certain unnecessary burdens, I went back to being what I like, what I am passionate about. Solve that duel between the blank screen and some keys that refuse to tell the story.

With pride and some arrogance, I assumed that the stories belonged only to the media and that their newsroom it is the only place where they were written; now I see it differently. Fortunately, the content, its respect, and quality occur in every place where there is a person willing to tell a story of value and someone else is there who knows how to interpret it and present it in a way that is attractive enough for someone to read it and to him relevant. This is the case of Sentidos Comunicaciones.

All my life I have enjoyed telling stories, talking about real people, ideas that, thinking about obstacles, become reality. Today, every day I write articles about different organizations and their spokespersons and I realize that in front of me, I have the opportunity to reaffirm what my vocation has been and maintain that flame that those of us who really enjoy this profession need so much.

Sentidos Comunicaciones represents my reunion with the word, with the essence of doing journalism with vigor and passion. The stories that come out of this agency have the particular characteristic of being valuable, timely and honest. It fills me with great satisfaction to be that channel, because I understand that the real protagonists are present in every word that is published, in every story that is told and in every spokesperson who transmits their management skills and the possibility of making life better. of people.

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