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¿Power or Magic? What to expect from a PR program

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

By: Maria Lobato, CMO for Lumu Technologies / Marketing Expert

"If I had a single dollar left, I would spend it on public relations" is the famous phrase of the notorious businessman Bill Gates. Many will wonder why Gates came to this powerful conclusion, and why he does not recommend investing that last dollar in product, sales or other branches of marketing.

Public relations have a power and influence like almost no other area of ​​the business, but it deserves to review what those key benefits are:

Being able to be heard:

With the abundance of information with which we live, it is a challenge to stand out amid so much “noise”. This has nothing to do with the industry or geography in which our businesses operate. The abundance of information is everywhere, and there is more content than people consuming it. According to the latest Hubspot report, 70% of Marketing teams are actively investing in content creation. This means that it will be increasingly difficult to differentiate and attract notoriety. Public relations allows us to be heard in a more massive way but also more directed to our segment of the economy.

Being able to develop credibility:

In addition to having a platform where they can appreciate our perspective, it is even more important to start developing credibility as opinion leaders. This is only possible through a strategic relationship with the media. Why ? Because the media calls those they already know, with whom they already know that they can get an expert perspective on a certain topic. This influence has a cascading effect with the audience we want to reach.

Being able to maintain control in difficult times:

The reality is that as companies, the stories we have to tell are not always positive. Sometimes, we will have to resort to mass media to clarify situations. Communications in times of crisis are a very important element and it is much more efficient to do so when we have a strong relationship with the media. The famous Warren Buffet, states that "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about it, you will do things differently." Both the handling of the message and the distribution vehicles become essential in times of crisis.

In the different companies of which I have been a part, PR has always been a critical component, and one that gives tangible results. It is valid to clarify that PR is not magic. Magic appears only when we take the time to create stories that engage and captivate audiences. Despite the growth in digital content, good stories have not gone out of style and remain irresistible, as long as they are in a place where they can be appreciated.

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