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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

By: Catalina Jiménez / Director & Founder, Sentidos Comunicaciones 

When Sentidos Comunicaciones was born, I can't say that I had a defined plan or direction. I am more about knowing how I want to do things and I am very clear that since then I understood that it was with empathy, passion and desire, how I wanted to generate RELATIONSHIPS.

We work to show the human aspect in each interaction between clients and the media, show the people who make the stories and that the public relations really generate: RELATIONSHIPS between people.

Today, as a result of the pandemic and the way it transformed our day to day, this vision is even more relevant, relationships that strengthen ties.

We are fortunate to have global and regional leaders as spokespersons; each example that what matters most is people. Their willingness to deliver timely information, to recognize the journalist behind the computer or the phone, makes us powerful in delivering messages. As director of this agency, working with these types of leaders will always be a source of gratitude.

More than a corporate message, the spirit that we are interested in representing is the one that is full of humanity, thinking about who reads us, who listens to us, who pays attention to our message. Today I remember the reasons why this agency was born:


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