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Relationships and time management

By: Julieth Florez, Account Executive, Sentidos Comunicaciones

Relationships and contact with other people are vital for human development.

I will always be happy to have chosen my professional training oriented towards communications and PR. I wanted to avoid bringing up the subject of the pandemic but I prefer to do it, since if we had not experienced the panic of not being able to having a social life and interacting with others in traditional ways, among other things situations we live in, we would not be what we are today.

How can I forget that thanks to that period I learned to value spaces with my family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, and strangers; there were so many changes that I even missed the one who looked at you ugly while you were on your way to work or back home, I also understood the importance of dedicating spaces for myself, to be recursive at every moment to avoid checking the clock every two seconds, to create new recipes so as not to always eat the same thing and to manage settle on the sofa at home to watch a TV series, well... I learned to better manage my time.

And not to mention the concept of Multitasking, the ability of a person to perform more than one task at the same time, a quality that we all developed at different levels because it touched us, a remarkable advantage of the year 2020, more than ability is a strategy that companies have always needed, today a vital characteristic for both work and personal daily life. With approximately nine years of experience in communication agencies, and with the opportunity to have lived in different countries, I consider that organizing your time in front of the different professional tasks is key to keeping a daily list of activities to be carried out and list them by priority, managing to separate the urgent from the important in order to meet objectives efficiently.

What matters and how to achieve it

Each experience and contact is a treasure for our professional circle. From your latest encounters, how many people did you add to your network of contacts? This does not mean just attending a specific event or place, smiling, greeting, and sharing coffee, it is also about creating bonds and making them last as long as possible, if possible for life. On the other hand, order and execution are key, for this, it is vital to disconnect from social networks and distracting topics, which will improve our level of concentration.

Also, looking for unique spaces for oneself, a favorite activity, social gatherings with family or friends, connecting with nature, or any plan that relaxes is essential. All this will help in time management, feeling love for what one does, and fulfilling daily objectives.

In Sentidos Communications I have had the opportunity to further develop my qualities and to strengthen in the same way the weaknesses that frightened me in the past, in the same way, to continue expanding my network of contacts and links in different areas, and to reinforce my Multitasking understanding that before that nothing we are people who feel, sensitive beings and so capable of so many stuff. Today we are not the same as yesterday, in the blink of an eye we transform to be better, thanks to life we ​​are not, and later on when we take a look at the past, which will be today, we will see again what we have become.

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