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The magic of content

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

By: Carolina Campero, Account Manager at Sentidos Comunicaciones

Working in a public relations agency is a challenging job, where it is not only necessary to develop a consistent communication strategy for a specific client, but also to be aware of what is happening in the country, the events that impact companies. industries with which one is related, advising clients in a good way and accompanying their counterparts in their communication processes.

One point that is crucial to be able to function effectively in public relations is creativity. Being creative not only facilitates good communication strategies; it also allows the development of attractive content that interests the media, which is innovative, contemporary, and original. And for this, in my opinion, it is essential to have the experience of a professional who has worked in writing from within the media.

This is the case of Sentidos Comunicaciones, which has a professional journalist, who for years worked in some of the most renowned business, current affairs, and lifestyle magazines in Colombia. Now he works as an editor and is undoubtedly a fundamental piece of our team, not only because of his interpersonal skills that allow him to be close with the rest of the people that make up the workgroup, but also, because of his ability to translate into content the key messages that a company wants to convey.

And why do I say this?

Some might think that the advice comes from close by —because it is a member of our team, with whom I frequently define the priority of topics— but the truth is that a professional with these characteristics facilitates the work of writing because he has sharp editorial criteria at the moment. Developing content, clearly communicates what is important and new about a topic, is thorough, verifies that the information is accurate, is able to prioritize its tasks and organizes itself efficiently to meet the stipulated deadlines and go out to the media at the right moment.

His opinion is valuable and clients trust him, not for nothing recently a senior executive based in Dubai wrote me an email mentioning a document that “needs Camilo's magic”. And this is true. Content needs a certain amount of that dose to make sense, be attractive, and have an impact on readers. Telling stories - good stories - is not an easy task, but with an editor it seems that it is something possible because their deliverables always have a higher level of writing.

The role of an editor is key in a communications agency because it strengthens the power to enhance the skills of the entire team, and clients also find a benefit because, in the face of the challenges that the industry has today, giving value to the content that is communicated, makes a difference when it comes to telling good stories.

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