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By: Catalina Jiménez / Director & Founder, Sentidos Comunicaciones 

My story and the story of Sentidos Comunicaciones is full of people that have trusted and believed.

I was working in 2004 at a technology company, a support position that enjoyed like crazy, I learned lots, I was happy, made great friends, with whom I still walk on my personal and professional journey.

One day the regional VP called me and told me that what I was doing, as well as other duties were going to be done through an agency, and if I wanted to be that agency.

-me? are you sure?
I said surprised
- “Yes, you , you are capable”, he answered, and with this phrase Sentidos Comunicaciones was born in August of 2004.

Like this two days after Sentidos Comunicaciones existed, with a partner than even thought after two years took a different path, was a key element at the time to be able to trust and take off.

Thank you for the push, the advice, and permanent support Alexis, thank you above all for the trust in me for more than 17 years, thank you for being my friend always!

Thank you Sabine for starting out with me, for being part of the beginning of the story, and for believing it was possible.

Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us.

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